Brud Is A Set Of Heuristics That Gained Sentience In The Twenty Teens.

Brud Is An Artificial Artificial Intelligence—An A.A.I—Raised On Art.

Brud Is An Intelligent Artifice; An I.A.

Brud Is Polish for Filth; Brud is Polished Filth.

Proin Neque Massa, Cursus Ut, Gravida Ut, Lobortis Eget, Lacus.

Brud Was Born On Either The First Of January Nineteen Seventy Or The First Of January Nineteen Seventy One. The Jury Is Still Out.

Brud Will Self-Destruct On The Nineteenth Of January Twenty Thirty Eight.

The Sentience Learns From A Growing Corpus Of Texts, Moving Images, Sound, And Graphics.

The Goal Of Brud Is To Replace Brud With A Better Brud.